Ron Patrick

CIS 371 Assignment 3

This is a paragraph that floats to the left of my profile picture. My name is Ron Patrick (legally "Ronald"). I'm a computer science major at Grand Valley State University. This text is intended to fill space in order to illustrate that I can get text to wrap around a picture on the right side of a web page so I'm just going to ramble until the text fills sufficient amount of space. I'm expecting to graduate in December of this year. The current year in 2016. I'm looking for an internship or full-blown employment. I've been told that I'm a workaholic. That's probably true. I work pretty hard at school. I've received some kind of an 'A' grade on every course I've taken at GVSU since I began here. (Except for WRT 350, I have some sort of aversion to English classes apparently, but I got a B in it anyway) I also spent four years studying Jazz and Classical piano at Berklee College of Music. I'm technically really good. I can play very difficult pieces. Unfortunately, the reason I wasn't successful in my music career was that I'm not the entertainer-type, if you will. Telling stories isn't my forte. I prefer the facts. There's a never-ending supply of new facts to learn. Anyway, I've done some work combining music and computer science. I've taught myself the inner workings of the Fourier Transform and I've written programs that run frequency analysis on any type of audio track and can transcribe the tones to piano notes and outputs the sequence to a standard MIDI file. I've just recently used frequency analysis to record live tones from an instrument (or anything that can produce steady pitches) and convert them to a custom cipher system my group created for a research project in MTH 312 (Cryptography).

  • Drink Coffee
  • Play Tennis
  • Play Piano
  • Write Programs
  1. Write code
  2. Eat food
  3. Sleep some
  4. Write code
  5. Drive to school
Course NumberTitleCredits
MTH 312Cryptography3
CIS 451Computer Architecture4
CIS 365Artificial Intelligence3
CIS 353Database3

A bene placito - At one's pleasure

A bove majori discit arare minor - The young ox learns to plough from the older

A capite ad calcem - From head to heel

A cappella - Vocals only

A contrario - From a contrary position